Reach For Your Potential, Inc. began in 1990 with 5 individuals receiving residential services. In 1991 we added an adult day center located in West Branch. In 1999 the day center was relocated, along with our administrative offices, to our current location in Iowa City. Today we provide residential and day services for over 100 individuals.

What We Do

OUR MISSION: Reach for Your Potential, Inc. exists to provide services to people with disabilities to foster their independence and to achieve their personal goals.

Through our residential and day center services we allow individuals the opportunity to:

  • live in and explore the community
  • work
  • go to school
  • volunteer
  • interact socially with family, peers, and friends

...to be a participating member of the Iowa City community.

Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual we serve.

  • "Together We Can Make It Happen"

    • Our motto, "Together we can make it happen," reflects our spirit of cooperation and our optimism that we all can lead more meaningful lives.

      With support and encouragement our consumers can achieve greater independence and contribute more meaningfully to the community.